KwikBiz is aimed at digitally transforming business operations for MSMEs in India

Founded by a group of NIT Alumnus in 2020 in the midst of global Pandemic, KwikBiz aims to accelerate growth of Indian MSME’s through creative and effective use of technology.

KwikBiz mission is to digitally transform small and Medium Scale Enterprise sector(MSME) of the country which are the backbone of our country’s economy so that an average Indian Businessman spend less time doing manual work which can be easily automated through Digitization.


Why Go Digital?

Digitalization and digital tools have proven they can benefit SMEs. It’s shown by various survey and case studies that SMEs who are adopted digital tools like KwikBiz have increased their value by 50% and their productivity by 40%

Also Digitization avoid a complete economic halt for SMEs during the crisis like the ongoing pandemic. Many small and medium scale enterprises who changed their way of managing business by using business management software like KwikBiz survived for, many others could not stay afloat.