Retail Industry

The best solution for your retail business to easily create invoices, inventory, finance ,sales performance & meet all your retail needs.
Managing retail business, maintaining the stocks report of each month and each year, knowing your lead, doing GST billing in a short time can be a pain. Well, ‘kwikbiz’ is the one stop solution for all these problems.

With the kwikbiz software you can manage the stock reports that will notify you whenever your specific stock is low on quantity. And will help you gather information on your audience also it will help you keep track of them, which will help you with your customer oriented service.
And last but not least, we have a GST billing system that makes a GST bill within 15 seconds.

Manufacturer, Suppliers & Traders

Every now and then, raw materials are imported and exported through raw materials suppliers.
Every raw ingredient supplier needs personnel that can handle everyday heavy GST billing and can manage stock reports, nice and clean.
Well, kwikbiz can handle both tasks seamlessly and can help you save a significant amount of time. It provides liberty of Email/Sms/Whatsapp to maintain cliental relationship.
What are you waiting for, subscribe for our free demo.

Automobile, FMCG & Pharma

FMCG Business have to manage huge stock of products. Maintaining an eye on the stock and billing on your own is a bit difficult also sometimes it’s time-consuming therefore here we are with the solution for you. . They have a huge data of customers, online orders, stock, purchase, sale and tracking all these data correctly is a challenge.
But with kwikBiz You can manage your cliental information and maintain relations with them, manage your stock, track your business analytics and the great thing is you can do your billing quickly.

Multi Franchise Business

Manage your franchise business effortlessly through KwikBiz franchise management feature.
Assign leads to franchise , With centralized reporting you can track franchise business and sales.
With individual dashboard to franchise each franchise can easily know top selling products , top customers etc.